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What are Bail Reduction Hearings?

The minute you get arrested you will likely begin thinking of all the different ways you will try to post bail. The only way you can get released from jail, depending on the crime, is by posting bail. Paying money in exchange for your release provides some assurance to the court that you will appear at your scheduled hearing. There are limits on how much bail can be imposed on a suspect and how long one must sit in jail if he can’t afford it. That’s why the defendant has the ability to request a bail reduction hearing.

How is Bail Set?

Bail is basically a form of collateral. A judge sets the amount that’s typically dependent on three factors:

  • The severity of the crime

  • The defendant’s flight risk

  • The risk to the community if the defendant is released

How to Request a Lower Bail Amount

You are well within your constitutional rights to request a reduction in the amount of bail assigned to your case when arrested. This is also supported by the Bail Reform Act, which is a federal law. In order to seek bail reduction, the defendant must request a hearing with the court and explain the inability to pay the high amount originally assigned. 

bail reduction hearingsHow to Convince the Court to Lower Bail

In order to have your bail lowered, you will need to convince the court of a few things related to your case and your background. You will need to show the court the following:

  • Explain to the court that you do not have a prior record.

  • If you have a record, explain the charges and convictions.

  • Show the court that you are of no danger to the community.

  • Explain your ties to the community (organizations, charities, or other volunteer work you perform).

  • Provide your employment status.

  • Inform the judge of your family members living in the community.

Having a lawyer represent you is beneficial during a bail reduction hearing in Miami.

Attending a Hearing

When you attempt to ask the court to reduce your bail it is most often done at any hearing in front of a judge. There does not have to be a special hearing date scheduled to discuss bail reduction or to complete the bail reduction form. You can request that a judge consider reducing your bail whenever you are in front of one. All you need to do is ask for this consideration or tell your attorney that you’d like this to be considered by the judge. 

It is important that you do not represent yourself when trying to have your bail reduced as this could end poorly for you. Instead, make sure an attorney is by your side. Even if the judge does not decide to reduce bail right now, he or she could do so at a later date, even waiving bail completely.

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