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Can You Withdraw a Bail Bond?

Putting your money and good name on the line are risks you take when you post bail for someone. Whether you are friends, family members, or acquaintances, offering to post a bail bond is a substantial risk to take. But, is it possible for you to cancel a bail bond? Let’s examine this possibility today so you can make an informed decision the next time someone asks you to post their bail in Miami, Florida.

Explain the Situation to the Bail Bondsman

The first thing you should do if you need or want to revoke bail for someone is to explain the situation to the bail bondsman where the bail was posted. You will need to provide the bail bondsman with information as to why you want to revoke the bond, including any evidence that supports your claim. For example, did you receive a text message or email from the person saying they are skipping town? Has the person started using drugs again? Do you know they are going to skip their court hearing? All of this will help your situation.

withdraw a bail bondComplete Forms Provided by Bail Bondsman

The next step in having bail bonds revoked is to complete the forms provided by the bail bondsman. The form will ask you to provide information about the defendant. This should include any information you told the bondsman over the phone. Provide as much detail as possible on the form. Be sure you pay the fees the bail bondsman requires to obtain the bond from the court.

Check In With the Bondsman

Don’t be afraid to check in with the bondsman when trying to have a bail bond revoked. Find out if the defendant was tracked down by the bondsman and brought to jail or their court hearing. If so, you have every right to ask if you can get the money back that you put up for the defendant’s bail. This amount will be a little less than you paid as it will account for any money spent by the bondsman in bringing the defendant to justice.

How to Protect Yourself When Posting Bail

If you are ever asked to post bail for someone you know, do not do so without thinking of the repercussions that could follow. Make sure the person you are posting bail for will definitely make their court appearance or turn themselves in when the time comes. If they fail to do so, the bail bondsman will lose all of the bail posted, and you will lose the percentage you paid.

Contact Blandon Bail Bonds Today

If you have posted bond for a friend or family member and now want to revoke that bond, it’s best to reach out to Blandon Bail Bonds before doing anything. Call us at 305-597-4595 to find out if you are able to revoke the bond or ask how far along the process is for the person you paid bond. We’ll work with you to make sure you get the help you need.

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