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Five Practical Tips If You Wind Up Behind Bars | Blandon Bail Bonds

The commission of a crime in Florida does not always mean you will wind up behind bars for an extended period. For the crimes that do put you behind bars for more than just a couple of hours, you should do your best to help your own situation as much as possible. Here are five practical tips for proper arrest etiquette so that your situation does not get any worse.

Stay Silent and Keep Calm

Do your best to stay silent and keep calm when locked up behind bars. Talking about the incident in question and getting out of control with the police will only make things worse for you. When you physically get out of control you might wind up striking an officer, even though you might not have intended for it to happen. Inadvertently striking an officer can lead to an additional charge of assault of an officer. You need to say as little as possible so as not to incriminate yourself. You are given that right, so be sure to use it.

Contact a Bail Bondsman

You will have the opportunity to make a single phone call once behind bars in Florida. Make sure you call the right person with that single opportunity. The right person is a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will be able to handle bailing you out of jail without a family member having to go to a middle man, which could eventually be a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman will be able to handle the steps necessary to put together enough money to post your bail so you can be released before your first hearing.

behind barsRequest an Attorney Immediately

Whether or not you know a criminal defense attorney you should request representation immediately upon being arrested. You likely will not be able to meet with an attorney the minute you make the request, but doing so prevents the police from speaking to you without any legal representation present. This is another right provided by the government, so be sure to use it before making any statements or answering any questions.

Don’t Claim a Medical Emergency

Do your best not to claim that you are suffering a medical emergency. This happens more often than not as many people believe that they can avoid jail by going to the hospital. An officer will accompany you to the hospital and once released, you will be taken into custody. Claiming you are having a medical emergency can cost you another day in jail since spending time in the hospital does not count towards your time behind bars. Avoid making this claim at all costs unless you truly are not feeling well.

Answer the Pedigree Questions

Even though we mentioned you shouldn’t answer questions without an attorney, you should answer the pedigree questions officers will ask. These questions are those that seek the required information for a booking form. These questions ask for your name, birthdate, social security number, address and other generic information not related to the crime for which you’ve been arrested.

Contact a Bail Bondsman Today

Were you or a loved one arrested in Florida? It’s important that you follow the five practical tips prevent your situation from going from bad to worse. Be sure to contact us at 305-597-4595 to speak to a bail bondsman in your hour of need.

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