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Should You Bail Someone Out of Jail? | Blandon Bail Bonds

There comes a time in many people’s lives where they get that phone call at all hours of the night from a friend or loved one telling them they were arrested. This phone call usually asks you to come down to the police station and pay the bail money so the loved one can be released. Many people who get this call won’t hesitate to head down to the police station and bail their loved one out of jail. But, should you bail someone out of jail? This is an important question you should consider before forking over your hard-earned money.

Make Sure They Won’t Flee

Depending on the charges your loved one faces, you need to make sure that they will not flee once you bail them out of jail. When you pay for a person’s bail you are telling the court that the defendant will make an appearance at their first court hearing. Should they not appear in court, for whatever reason, you will not get any of the money back that you paid to the court for their bail.

should you bail someone out of jailIt’s in your best interest to only pay the bail of a person whom you are 100-percent sure will not skip out of town and will appear in court. Should the defendant fail to show up in court, a bail bond agent may be used by the bail bond company to track them down and bring them back to jail. Take an interest in the case and offer to drive the defendant to their court appearances so you are assured they make an appearance.

Can You Afford the Bail?

Can you actually afford the bail required to have your loved one or friend released from jail? Even the smallest of bonds set by the court will require anywhere from 10-to-15-percent payment in order to secure the release of the defendant from jail. So, if the court set bond at $5,000, you will be required to pay at least $500 at 10-percent. This is a hefty price tag when you weren't expecting to have such an expense.

Will the Defendant Slip Up Again?

This is an important question to ask yourself before heading down to the police station or before calling a bail bondsman. If this is not the first time the person has called you asking to be bailed out of jail, you might want to think twice about doing it again. It can be difficult to think that your loved one has been arrested and you might believe that it won’t happen again. But, in a situation such as this, you need to look at the situation in an objective manner.

Contact Blandon Bail Bonds Today

If you ever get a phone call from a loved one that they have been arrested, it’s important for you to take everything discussed today into consideration before bailing them out of jail. You should then contact Blandon Bail Bonds in Miami at 305-597-4595 to speak with an experienced bail bondsman about the situation.

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