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Things To Consider Before Cosigning for Bail Bonds | Blandon Bail Bonds

When a loved one is arrested, quickly getting them out of jail is likely the first concern you have. There are, however, certain things you need to consider before agreeing to sign their bail agreement. Here are a few things to consider before co-signing for bail bonds.

You May Need Collateral 

When agreeing to post bail for someone, a bail bond agent will usually agree to post the amount, provided a small fee is paid in advance. In instances where a cosigner does not have the funds to pay the required fee, or in cases where large sums of money are needed for bail, a bonding agent may request collateral before posting bond.

Collateral may be a property, jewelry, or any other valuable item which has monetary value equal to (or approximately equal to) the bail amount. If the defendant makes all of their court appearances as scheduled, the collateral is returned to the cosigner. If not, it is subject to sale by the bonding agent, as will be discussed in the next section.

At Blandon Bail Bonds, we understand the stress you are under when a friend or loved one is arrested. That’s why we don’t require collateral in most instances. 

cosigning for bail bondsYou Become Responsible for Their Actions

One of the most important things to consider before you agree to cosign a bail bond is that you become responsible for the behavior and actions of the person being bailed out. When a person signs a bond agreement for a defendant, they become what is known as an “Indemnitor”. An Indemnitor is essentially a guarantor. What this means is that if the defendant fails to adhere to the conditions of the bond, the cosigner will be liable for their actions. 

Should, for example, the defendant not make their scheduled court appearances, the Indemnitor would be liable for any additional court fees, as well as any additional bonding fees. If the defendant flees or disappears, the Indemnitor must pay the bail bond agent the entire bail amount. If collateral was required to secure the bond, the collateral might be sold to cover the costs the bail agent incurred. 

Can You Cover the Fee Yourself?

One of the first things to consider before signing a bail bond agreement for a loved one is whether you can afford the fee yourself. In many instances, bail will be in the hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars. For many, this is more money than they have lying around. If you can afford the cost, you should consider helping a loved one out yourself. If you go this route, be sure to sign an agreement with them to get the money paid back.

If you can’t afford it, however, Blandon Bail Bonds is here to help.

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At Blandon Bail Bonds we genuinely understand the stress our clients' fate. That’s why we make our process as quick and straightforward as possible. We work with you to ensure your loved one gets the help they need – FAST! If someone you love is arrested, make sure they get the bail help they need as soon as possible. Call Blandon Bail Bonds today at 305-597-4595.

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