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What to Do if Your Loved One is Arrested on St Patrick's Day

What to Do If You Are Arrested on St. Patty's Day. Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. That means there will be parades in cities all over Florida and the rest of the country. There will be bar crawls, concerts, and all types of events to celebrate the annual holiday endeared by so many. It’s all fun and games until a loved one gets arrested. Spending the day fighting to get your loved one released from jail can be challenging. There might not be much you can do, especially if the precinct wants to hold your loved one overnight while he or she sobers up from their day of drinking. Here are some important tips to follow if your loved one is arrested on St. Patrick’s Day.

Remain Calm

As the loved one of someone who was arrested, you need to remain calm during the arrest if you are present for it. When you are having a panic attack you won’t be able to help the family member who is being placed under arrest. The officer will likely be less receptive if you are crying, shaking, screaming or hot-headed. Remaining calm will help you retain the information provided by the police and understand any documents you need to sign when you hire a bail bond company.

Find Out Where They Were Taken

If you and your loved one get separated on St. Patrick’s Day at a local parade or another event and they wind up getting arrested, the first step is to find out where they were taken. Obviously, if you were with them when the arrest was made you can ask the arresting officer where your loved one will be taken. There might be a holding area in a tent near the parade route or all those arrested might be transported to the local precinct or jail.

Determine the Charges

You need to find out what charges have been filed against your loved one. The arresting officer should tell your loved one while they are being placed under arrest what the charges are against them. If not, make sure you speak up and ask. You are well within your rights to ask the officer about the charges. If you are speaking to your loved one on the phone, do not let them explain what happened since the phone call could be recorded by the jail for use in court.

Posting Bond

It might be up to you when it comes to bailing a family member out of jail. If this is the case, you should hire a reputable bail bond company when a loved one is arrested on St. Patrick’s Day. When you cannot afford to post bail, it’s time to work with a bail bond company. You will only have to pay the company a percentage of the bail. If the bail is set at $2,000, you might only have to pay a fee that is 10 percent of the bail, or $200. You will not get this money back even if your loved one appears at their first court hearing.

Call Blandon Bail Bonds, Inc

Was your loved one arrested on St. Patrick’s Day? Public intoxication is a crime and many arrests happen on holidays such as this one. Don’t panic. Call the experienced team at Blandon Bail Bonds, Inc to have bond posted for your loved one. Call the office at 305-597-4595 to speak to a bondsman.