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What to Expect When You’re Arrested in Miami

One item that you probably never find on someone’s “bucket list” is that of wanting to be arrested. That should include being arrested in Miami. So, let’s look at what to expect when you’re arrested in Miami. The first issue that comes up after your arrest deals with whether you are going to be released on bail or whether you will be released on your own recognizance (meaning you can leave without paying any bail). The decision on whether you will be granted bail must be made within 24 hours of your arrest and is made by a judge. But, what can you expect during your arrest?

Arrested in Miami: What Now?

what to expect when arrestedOne factor the judge looks at when considering bail is the crime that you are being charged with committing. For example, the chance of being offered release without bail would be less likely for someone accused of armed robbery as opposed to being accused of a lesser offense (such as petty theft). If you have been charged with a capital offense such as murder, or a crime for which you could be sentenced to life in prison, you will not likely even be eligible for bail. Regardless of where you have been arrested, for most charges, it is likely you will have to post bail before you get released from police custody. This is true whether you are arrested in Miami or elsewhere in South Florida.

After Setting Bail

After the Miami arrest and the setting of bail by the judge, you will want to be released from custody as soon as possible. You want a bail bond company that is there when you need it. Regardless of the time of day, it is time to call Blandon Bail Bonds. We are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After obtaining some basic information you will get a free quote on the cost of the bail bond and be only a step away from being released.

Miami Bail Bonds

So, if you have been arrested in Miami, bail bonds and where to get them quickly will be your top priority. Florida law has specific guidelines around bail and bond agents and you need to find a top-notch bail bond provider who is there when you need them with the resources to help you get out of jail quickly. From there, a bail bond agent will act on your behalf to pay the required bail.

Secure Your Bail with Blandon Bail Bonds Miami

Being arrested is never fun. If you have been arrested in Miami or anywhere in Florida, you want to be released from custody quickly. That means securing a bail bond without delay. Miami bail bonds are our business. Our goal is simple: restore your freedom as fast as possible by getting you out of jail as quickly as possible. For bail bonds in Miami or anywhere in the state of Florida, contact us at 305-597-4595. You’ll be glad you did!

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