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What Really Happens If You Skip Bail

One of the worst things you can do after being arrested is wind up skipping bail. Why? A whole host of things will go against you. Not only will there be a warrant issued for your arrest, but the person who posted bail for you will also lose the money or other assets they put up as collateral in your name. Today, the team from Blandon Bail Bonds will take a look at what happens if you skip bail, so you can make the right decision if ever in such a situation.

I Skipped Bail

If you decided it was a good idea to skip bail, here are the minimum penalties you will face:

  • You or your loved one who posted the bond will forfeit that money or asset

  • The charges pending against you will remain

  • You likely will face new charges for skipping bail

  • Your driver’s license could be suspended until you make a court appearance

In order for the court to prove that you, in fact, were skipping bail, they must prove the following:

  • skip bailA court order that was issued by a judge noted the defendant was eligible for bail

  • The defendant failed to make an appearance in front of said judge after receiving the court order

  • The actions of the defendant were willful

Should you jump bail on a felony charge, you could be charged with a federal felony, which could lead to an increase in jail time and even larger bail or other fines.

Your Bail Bond Agent Will Be Notified

Did you work with a bail bond agent, like Blandon Bail Bonds, when you were arrested to post bond? If so, the agent will be notified by the court that you skipped out on your bail and did not appear in court. The agent now has a set number of days to bring you to a court appearance as set forth by the court.

Either the bail agent themselves or a bounty hunter will wind up searching for you after skipping bail. Their goal will be to apprehend you and bring you back to jail for a court appearance. In most instances, the bounty hunter or bail agent will negotiate with you once they find you to make sure you appear in court.

Skipping bail is not a smart decision to make. You are putting yourself at risk of facing additional criminal charges, higher fines, and even more time in jail. You are also costing your friend or loved one who posted bail for you a lot of money.

Call Blandon Bail Bonds Today

You need to take a breath and figure out your next steps if you ever find yourself in the back of a police car. One of those steps should be placing a call to Blandon Bail Bonds in Miami, Florida. Our experienced and trusted bail bond agents can help you post bail and ensure that you do not skip out on bail either. Call our office today at 305-597-4595 to speak with an agent.

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